Learning for Change - Campaign releases manifesto for learning

The Campaign for Learning's new Learning Policy Manifesto sets our a series of policy recommendations, which the charity believes if implemented can harness the power of learning to stimulate positive change.

'Learning for Change' covers learning in schools and colleges, the workplace, and families and communities. The recommendations include a commitment by the next Government to assess the feasibility in the next Parliament of a Personal Skills Account for adults, with contributions from the individual, the taxpayer and the employer based on the model for the new second pension.

Tricia Hartley, Chief Executive of the Campaign, said,

"Investment in learning pays dividends across all spheres of public life, stimulating prosperity, improving health, engaging citizens, reducing offending and bringing communities together. It is vital to quality of life and wellbeing. In the lead up to the general election in 2015, we will be campaigning for learning to be put at the heart of these important public agendas, and for the adoption of our manifesto recommendations by the next government."

Download the Campaign for Learning's Learning Policy Manifesto - Learning for Change

2 July 2014

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