HOW TO Webinars - Technology and Engagement Series for Schools

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The Campaign for Learning ran three webinars on parental engagement using digital technology.

Cost: £30 per webinar recording, £80 for all three webinar recordings

  • Find out how digital technology can be used to engage and empower parents to support their children's learning.

  • Discover practical activities and the steps you can take to increase parental engagement and promote a culture of learning.

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9th March 2016
3.45 - 5pm

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Title: Delivering a programme of digitally-based
family learning activities

You'll cover:

  • Tips for putting your digital family learning programme together

  • Digital tools you could use: what, how and why

  • Sample session plan and resources

  • Exploring e-safety with families: activity ideas using digital tools

Electronic resources: Recording and Presentation slides; Sample session plan;
Quickstart guides to 3 apps/tools discussed during the webinar; question and answers to questions from session

16th March 2016
3.45 - 5pm

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Title: Getting parents through the door

You'll look at carrying out a parent engagement audit and techniques to engage parents.


  • Parent perspectives about school and common barriers to engagement
  • Parent friendly audit tool
  • When, how and where should you try to engage?
  • The role of family learning
  • Communication and promotion of activities

Electronic resources: Recording and Presentation slides; Parent friendly audit tool; sample engagement posters and tracking sheets; question and answers from session

23rd March 2016
3.45 - 5pm

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Title: Developing a whole-school parental
engagement approach

You'll look at culture and strategy for parental engagement including the use of digital technology.


  • Ofsted’s expectations around parent engagement

  • Organisational culture and commitment

  • Planning meaningful engagement (using digital technology as a catalyst)

  • Putting together a parent engagement strategy

Resources you’ll receive: Recording and Presentation slides; Guide to engaging parents for schools; question and answers from the session

Who should participate

These webinars are for primary schools looking to increase parental engagement and promote digital inclusion, and may also be relevant for those working at secondary level and organisations working with schools such as:

· Family learning services

. Libraries

· Housing associations and groups

· Education organisations

· Community support groups

· Church and faith groups

About the presenter

Julie Goreham is the Campaign for Learning's Lead on Digital Engagement. She designs and delivers digital projects for schools and communities to engage parents and families. Julie delivered the Campaign's Mind the Gap programme funded by the Educational Endownment Foundation, which worked with 50 schools to engage dads in learning with their children through the use of digital animation techniques. She also managed the Campaign's ‘Digital Families’ programme, a Nominet funded programme for schools. Most recently, she delivered a series of webinars for a Samsung project on parent engagement and digital skills. Julie is regularly invited to run workshops and present on the benefits and practice of digital technology for family learning.

How to book

You can book your place online by following the links:

Cost: £30 (no VAT) per webinar (includes resources), £80 for three webinars.

10 February 2016

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