Family Finance: Train your organisation or cluster to deliver financial capability sessions for families

One day practical workshops for organisations and clusters

Our training will give your organisation the ability to design and deliver family finance activities that are adapted to the specific needs of your family audience. Family finance builds families' understanding, skills and the mindset needed to manage their money and help prevent avoidable financial crises.

The training is for any organisations working with families as clients and customers. It's delivered by Alison Warren, an expert in family finance approaches and former national advisor for financial capability.

The workshop is ideal for organisations looking to:

  • Develop and deliver a family finance offer but are not sure where to start
  • Refresh their family finance offer or need extra support to develop successful family finance activities

See below for full details of what the workshop covers and why a family finance approach can really make a difference in building financial capability.

We can deliver the workshop to your organisation as an in-house session, or to a cluster of organisations and partners for a more cost-effective option.

It's suitable for:

Family learning services
Health and wellbeing organisations
Housing associations and groups
Education organisations
Community support groups
Employment and 'into work' organisations
Church and faith groups
Cultural organisations
Organisations working in regeneration

Workshop fee

Workshops can cater for up to 20 participants. The fee is calculated on the number of participants and if you are able to provide your own training room and refreshments. All training materials are included in the price. The training can be delivered in-house for your organisation or for a cluster of organisations and partners in a local area.

Participants are also invited to join the family finance online community group, where they will be able to keep in touch and continue to share ideas and practice with other participants and practitioners.

How to book a workshop for your organisation or cluster

To discuss workshop costs, find out more details or  book a date in the diary, please call Julia on 020 7798 6067 or email:


About the Family Finance training

The benefits of a family finance approach

Money management is a learned skill. No one is born understanding how to manage money and not every parent has the financial foundation for children to learn good habits at home. The Money Advice Service reported in 2013 that parents’ influence on children’s money habits is particularly strong, and that core financial behaviours that persist into adulthood are formed by age 7.

Family finance activities enable participants to increase their skills and knowledge so that they can manage their money more effectively and communicate about money in the home. The intergenerational approaches used in family finance sessions can support parents to talk to their children about money and pass on good financial habits.

The informal and non-threatening family learning model that is used can help draw in adults who may have low confidence or barriers to learning. Sessions can involve adults and children, or adults on their own.

What the training covers

Our trainer Alison takes participants through the main aspects of developing and delivering family finance activities and programmes, including content development and defining their role as a tutor, as well as how to make the activities attractive and adapted to the specific needs of the families they work with.

Participants have the opportunity to develop curriculum content in line with their own level of skills and knowledge, as well as explore how they can demonstrate the impact of their family finance activities.

The workshop particularly aims to build participants’ confidence to deliver family finance sessions, and reassure this does not involve directly dealing with families’ financial crises, which should always be addressed by experts. Rather, the training supports a preventative approach, where participants will learn how to help families grow the skills, understanding and mindset to avoid financial crises.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the key elements needed to develop and deliver successful family finance activities
  • Learn how to plan and deliver family finance activities and programmes which are relevant and engaging for families
  • Learn how to build in progression routes for participants, such as into further learning and accredited training
  • Gain knowledge on how to promote a family finance offer to families
  • Gain an understanding of your role and responsibilities in delivering family finance activities

Participants are also invited to join the family finance online community group, where they will be able to keep in touch and continue to share ideas and practice with other participants and practitioners.

About the trainer

The training is delivered by Alison Warren, an expert in designing and promoting family finance programmes and supporting organisations working with families, including through her role as a national advisor for financial capability.

16 December 2014

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