2015 Family Learning Festival

This year's Family Learning Festival takes place from 17th October to 1st November 2015. The national celebration of family learning is supported by organisations and venues across the country. They put on creative and exciting activities for families, which are designed to get different generations learning together and excited about the possibilities that further learning offers for school, home and life at work.

Juliette Collier and Julia Wright, the Campaign's National Directors explained, "The Campaign for Learning started the Family Learning Festival in 1998 to stimulate a love of learning in the family and learning for life. Creating opportunities where family members learn together changes attitudes to learning, builds confidence, raises aspiration, and provides a stepping stone to further opportunities and learning.

"The Festival has always been a partnership activity and its success every year is a direct result of the energy and creativity of the many organisers who bring it alive in venues across the country. We're delighted that the Festival is now in its 17th year and the Campaign is able to play its part in supporting family learning, which is such an important and fundamental activity ."

For more information about the Family Learning Festival and to find out how you can take part, visit: www.familylearningfestival.com

6 October 2015

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