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Learning in Schools and Colleges

School is where we have our first experience of formal learning, and how things go for us here can affect how we learn throughout our lives. When school is exciting and involving, it gives us confidence in ourselves as learners, but when it isn’t, we can be turned off and think we can’t learn or that learning is boring. To make sure children today and tomorrow have good school experiences to sustain their learning in future, the Campaign works with schools and teachers to develop good practice. 


‘Learning to Learn in Schools’ project

The ‘Learning to Learn in Schools’ project explores differing approaches to creating confident, effective lifelong learners, working with pioneering schools across England which are trying out new approaches to classroom management, teaching & learning and assessment.

Policy work

Learning in school is never out of the news: its structure, funding, examination systems, links with the workplace and potential to contribute to community cohesion, to name but a few aspects, are constantly under the microscope. As well as speaking at events, contributing to consultations and lobbying politicians and civil servants on matters affecting learning in schools, the Campaign runs regular policy seminars to bring practitioners together with policymakers to debate these issues.


The Campaign produces a range of publications on learning in schools, including policy papers and books & pamphlets documenting our Learning to Learn research.

Upcoming Events

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