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The Family Learning Festival is
a Campaign for Learning

Welcome to the organisers' space!

The Family Learning Festival is the biggest annual celebration of family learning in the UK. Every year, organisations across the country put on thousands of activities that bring families together for learning that's fun, informal and inspiring.

The National Family Learning Festival takes place from 17th October - 1st November 2015 and is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning.

Everything you need to know!

Start here if you're new to the Festival or want to find out more.

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Find out how to organise a fantastic learning event for families.

What's new

The Family Learning Festival 2015 will take place 17th October - 1st November 2015 with the theme 'Imagination Station - start your journey here!'. Check our What's new for details of webinars, resources and graphics.

Planning your event

Run a successful event with our planning advice, activity ideas and downloadable resources.

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Contact the team

The Campaign for Learning Team are on hand to answer your questions.
T: 020 7798 6067
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Campaign for Learning 2009. The Family Learning Festival is a not-for-profit campaign, organised by the Campaign for Learning, a national charity working towards social inclusion through learning. To find out more about our work visit our main site

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