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What We Do

The Campaign for Learning is campaigning to create an inclusive society in which learning is valued, understood, wanted and widely available to every individual. We want to banish images of dry, dusty studying and promote the feeling of vibrant, relevant learning that can change people's lives. We want to develop such a hunger for learning that there is a public demand for stimulating, user-friendly learning opportunities that suit everyone's lifestyle.

We work to build motivation, create opportunities and provide support for learning in families and communities, workplaces and schools that leads to positive change. Key elements of our work are national promotion campaigns, projects, policy and advocacy, practitioner networks, research, events, consultancy and publications.

The Campaign is often a catalyst or partner in helping to effect change. We work with a variety of partners from the TUC and Investors in People UK to local community action groups and businesses. We have supported pioneering work in schools and workplaces. Our partnerships with a range of bodies have helped us tailor our work to meet both regional and local needs.

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